Ethics Integrity and Aptitude By Bhadra IAS Academy


Ethics Integrity and Aptitude By Bhadra IAS Academy written by Akshay D. Kadam

The book is precisely conceptualised for APSC by Akshay D. Kadam.

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Ethics Integrity and Aptitude By Bhadra IAS Academy written by Akshay D. Kadam


. Concept of ‘A-karma’ ‘Sat-karma’ and ‘Vi-karma’

• Bhagwad Gita incorporates Environmental Ethics

. Concept of Sthitpradnya

• Guna Theory: Sattva + Rajas+ Tamas

• Setting standards for society

.Gandhian Ethics

. My life is my message

• Gandhian ethics are based on spirituality • Relation to “Means & End”:

• Development of sublime qualities

Concept of Satyagraha

• The Five Maha-vratas (Great Vows) of Ascetics

• Gandhian Concept of Trusteeship of wealth

• Economics and ethics according to Gandhi Seven Social sins as per Gandhi

. Criticism of Gandhian Theory Of Ethics

John Lock’s Theory Of Libertinism: Ethical Intuitionism


Social Contract Theory:

.Understanding SCT through Socrates’ Argument. 7

• Modern Understanding of Social Contract Theory: 7

• Thomas Hobbes

John Locke

• Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Recent Social Contract Theories: John Rawls’

Theory of Justice:

Systems of Indian Philosophy: Comprehensive Discussion Six Aastik and Four Nastik Schools of Philosophies Prevaler

In Ancient India: Astik Schools of Philosophy

. Samkhya Philosophy

• Yoga Philosophy

• Nyaya philosophy

• Vaisheshika Philosophy

• Purva Mimansa Philosophy

Vedanta Philosophy: Uttara Mimamsa& its Sox subschools 8

Advaita Vedanta

• Visishtadvaita Vedanata

. Dvaita Vedanta

. Dvaltadvaita Vedanta

The Grounds of Moral Status: Who has moral status?

Do animals have rights?

Moral Absolutism Versus Moral Relativism Vs Moral


Moral Subjectivism vs. Moral realism

Are Morals Subjective or Objective?

How Does Society or culture Influence Ethical Beliefs?

Can ethics help create good Individuals?

Why Ethics are Important?

Normative Ethics – How should people act?

. Virtue Ethics:

Eudaimonism Aristotle/Nichomachean Ethics

. Plato and Socrates



. Epicureanism

Fredrick Nietzsche

Consequentialism/Teleological Ethics:

Concept of Act & Rule Consequentialism

• Utilitarianism

• Ethical Egoism

. Ethical Altruism

• Hedonism

Deontological/Duty Ethics

Kantian Ethics

Kant’s Concept of Reason, Freedom and will 47

. Hypotheticls vs Categorical Imperative

. Kant’s relation between Morality and imperatives

. Kants Political Theory and “Idea of reason”

Bhagwa Gita/ Nishkam Karma Synthesis of the good of society and individual

.Concept of Nishkam Karma

Divinization and transformation of passions

. Bhagwad Gita is based on sound metaphysics. Synthesis of determinism and freedom of will

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