The History of Assam: From Yandabo to Partition By Priyam Goswami


This book is a very good introduction to the modern history of Assam from the Yandaboo Treaty up to the Partition. It covers basically everything and written in a very lucid manner. The book touches on many aspects which are missing from History books.

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Launching a direct confrontation on the indistinct position of the history of the North-Eastern region occupied in the national history textbooks meant to cater to a large section of students across the country, Priyam Goswami’s book is a reflection of an effort to obliterate such peripheral treatment of a territorial expanse so rich in culture and history although his focus is confined to the geographical extent identified as Assam. He brings to light the drastic political, economic and social transformation of Assam and the neighbouring hill areas as a result of colonial penetration.

The narration of the book follows a smooth transition from the medieval to the modern age with a detailed background to the foundation of the Company’s rule through the efforts of David Scott; the Company’s expansionist policies which ignited the first remnants of local protests consolidation of colonial power through various administrative reforms; the economic, social and political transformation of the region and finally marked by the indigenous struggle for independence.

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