Assam’s D.EL.ED Entrance Test Guide Book English Medium By DD Publication


Assam’s D.EL.ED Entrance Test Guide Book (English Medium) By DD Publication

Extensively covered:

  • Previous Year Q. Paper with Full Solutions
  • Current Affairs 2021

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Assam’s D.EL.ED Entrance Test Guide Book (English Medium) By D.D Publication


  1. Vocabulary
  2. Tenses
  3. Verbs
  4. Preposition
  5. Comprehension 
  6. Voice-change
  7. Narration
  8. Adverbs
  9. Synonyms 10. Antonyms

  1. Current affairs
  2. Who is who


  1. Constitution of India
  2. History of Assam
  3. Inventions and discoveries
  4. Sports
  5. Art and culture
  6. Every day Science
  7. World Organizations
  8. Geography of India
  9. Educational Commissions and Committees
  10. New Educational Initiatives
  11. Educational Organizations 



Logical and Analytical Reasoning, Pattern etc. 

  1. Teaching leaming, process, individual differences 
  2. Learning Assessment/Evaluation
  3. Role, functions and quality of teacher 
  1. Principles & maxims of teaching
  2. Educational philosophy & laws 
  3. Purpose of Education
  4. Role of other agencies in school management 
  5. Concept of TLM and its importance 
  6. The leadership quality of teachers.


  1. Numbers: Natural, Whole, even and odd numbers, prime and composite numbers, place value, four fundamental operations of number, factors and multiples, prime factors, LCM and HCF, ascending and descending order.
  1. Fractions: Concept of fraction and its uses 3. Percentage: Concept of percentage, solving problems involving percentage, profit and loss.
  1. Money: Concept of money, solving problems involving money
  1. Geometry: Angles, types of angles, types of triangle, types of quadrilateral, circle.
  1. Measurement: Length, area, volume and perimeter of different geometrical figures, Measure of weight and time. 
  1. Data Handling: Representation of data, Bar diagram, Pie diagram.
  1. Square & Square Root: Concept of square root, solving problems involving square root. 
  1. Ratio and proportion
  1. Simple algebraic equation 



  1. Natural and Social Environment. 
  1. Factors influencing the environment.
  1. Causes of environmental degradation: Air, water, sound and soil pollution

4. Environmental Issues: Flood, erosion, earthquake, deforestation, population explosion

5. Environmental protection: Constitutional provision, Protection Acts, Role of individual and local bodies, NGOs and Government

  1. Bio-diversity
  1. Different states and characteristics of matter, physical and chemical change
  1. Chemical reaction.
  1. Force, energy, motion 
  1. Cell: Plant and Animal cell, structures 
  1. Adaptation in plants, Reproduction in plants
  1. Microorganism 13. Heat and Temperature, Measurement of Temperature
  1. Acid, Bases and Salt
  1. Light and Reflections
  2. Weather and Climate
  3. Respiration in organism and in plants
  1. Natural and human resources
  1. Atmosphere and its different layers
  1. Freedom movement of India and role of India
  1. Constitution of India and its importance
  1. Democracy and its principles
  1. Rise and full of Ahom kingdom
  2. .Ancient urban civilization
  3. 8. Government: State and Central
  4. Earth and its structure
  1. Consumer protection and right
  2. 11. Role of financial institutions in socio-economic development of the society
  1. Transport and communication
  2. 13. Agricultural and Industrial development
  1. India after independence and during East India Company
  2. 15. Contribution of medieval administrators on socio-economic development in Assam


1 1. ভাষা শিক্ষণৰ উদ্দেশ্য

  1. ভাষা শিক্ষণৰ গুৰুত্ব 2
  1. জতুৱা ঠাঁচ আৰু খণ্ডবাক্যৰ প্ৰয়োগ
  1. ভাষা শিক্ষণৰ দক্ষতা (শ্ৰৱণ, কথন, পঠন আৰু লিখন দক্ষতা) 6. ঘৰুৱা ভাষা (কথিত) আৰু মাতৃভাষাৰ মাজত পাৰ্থক্য
  1. প্রত্যয়, উপসর্গ, লিংগ, সন্ধি সম্পর্কে প্রাথমিক ধাৰণা 8. ক্রিয়া আৰু বচন (একবচন আৰু বহু বচন)


Previous Year Q. Paper- with Fully Solutions

Current Affairs 2021

Total pages: 488

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