Assam GK Book 2024 (Subjective + Objective) By UBP


Assam GK book is useful for APSC and all-state based exams of Assam.
It has both a subjective and objective form.
The book is prepared by taking care of current affairs till July 2021.


  • APSC 2018 Prelims Solved
  • Assam & Geography
  • Assamese Literature
  • Assam History
  • Inscription of Assam History
  • Important Places, temples, stars,
  • What and Where
  • First in Assam / First Assamese
  • First in Assamese Language / Literature
  • Some Geographical Epithets/ National Highway
  • Northeast
  • Abbreviations
  • Miscellaneous
  • MCQs with APSC General Studies (Pre) 2018
  • Questions paper solved
  • State / Central Government
  • Current Affairs:
  • Latest Current Affairs, Union Budget 2021-22 Economic Survey 2021, Assam Budget 2021-22

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Assam GK Book 2024 (Subjective + Objective) By UBP is useful for APSC and all-state based exams of Assam.
It has both a subjective and objective form.


  • Assam & Geography: About AssamSome Basic Facts About AssamDistricts, District H.Q. and Sub-DivisionRivers and their TributariesBridges over BrahmaputraLakes of Assam

    Districts and total population National Parks

    Wildlife Sanctuaries

    Assam State Zoo Assam Forest

    Hill stations and Other Hilly Areas of Assam


    Advantage Assam

    Geography and Demographics BTR (Bodoland Territorial Region)

    Autonomous areas of Northeast India

    Gauhati High Court

    About APSC Words and Abbreviations Related to Police and Different Ranks,

    Assam Legislative Assembly

    About SEBA

    About AHSEC Asom Prakashan Parished

    Administrative Units Of Assam

    About NRC

    Assamese Literature

    About Assamese Literature History of Assamese Literature


  • Writing systemRegional dialectsNon-regional dialectsDark AgeLanguage Movement Asom Sahitya SabhaList of Presidentconference year and place

    List of Presidents of Bodo Sahitya Sabha

    List of Secretary of Bodo Sahitya Sabha

    Assamese Writers name and his Pen name


    Newspapers and Magazines in Assam

    Books and Authors


    Assam Valley literary Award

    Sahitya Academy Award (Assamese Language)

    Sahitya Academy Award (Bodo Language)

    Srimanta Sankardeva Award

    Asom Ratna

    Saraswati Sanman from Assam

    Thagore Literature Award from Assam Bharatiya Gyanpith Award From Assam

    Sangeet-Natak Academy Award from Assam

    Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar for 2018

    Bharat Ratna Award from Assam

    Padma Bibhusan Sanman Padma Sanman


    Arjun Award Sadasya Mohian


    Publication Board Award Munin Barkotoky Award

    Sahitya Academy Translation Award

    Sahitya Academy Youth Writer Award

    National Film Awards

  • Assam HistoryIntroductionTimeline of the History of AssamBhauma DynastyNaraka DynastyThe Varman dynastyThe Salasthamba dynasty The Pala dynasty

    Khen dynasty (1185-1498)

    The Kamata kingdom

    Ahom Kingdom (1228-1826)

    Koch Dynasty

    The Chutiya Kingdom

    Kachari Kingdom

    The Treaty of Majuli

    The Treaty of Asurar Ali

    The Treaty of Ghilajharighat

    The Battle of Saraighat

    The Battle of Itakhuli

    The Moamoria rebellion

    Burmese invasions Treaty of Yandabo

    Phulguri Uprising

    Rangia and Lachima Revolt

    Patharughat Uprising Bengal Presidency

    Chief Commissioner’s Province

    Eastern Bengal and Assam under Lt. Governor Assam Legislative Council (1912-1920)

    Dyarchy (1921-1937) Quit India Movement

    Assam Legislative Assembly (1937-1947)

    The Assam Movement or Assam Agitation

    List of Chief Commissioners

    Lieutenant-Governors and Governors of Assam Speaker Of Assam Legislative Assembly

    Chief Minister of Assam

  • Inscription of Assam HistoryImportant places, temples, Satras What And WhereFirst In Assam / First AssameseFirst In Assamese Language/Literature 268-271 Some Geographical Epithets/National Highway 272-274North EastSome Facts and Figures of North-EastArunachal Pradesh









    National symbols of India

    State symbols of Assam

    Indian State and Capitals

    Union Territories and Capitals

    Indian State and Official Languages

    Union Territories and Official Languages

    Indian State & Statehood/Year of Established Union Territories & Statehood/Year of Established

    Famous Personalities of Assam

    MCQs with APSC General Studies (Pre) 2018 Question Paper Solved

    State/Central Government Currents Affairs

    Latest Current Affairs

    Union Budget 2021-22 Economic Survey 2021

    Assam Budget 2021-22

  • Total Pages: 464
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