Assam History, Art and Culture By Shekhar Bhattacharjee For APSC


Assam History Art and Culture By Shekhar Bhattacharjee Contain:

  • Ancient Assam
  • Medieval history of Assam
  • The modern history of Assam
  • Art and Culture of Assam
  • Assamese Literature
  • Topics Described and MCQs available

Assam History, Art and Culture By Shekhar Bhattacharjee book beautifully describes topics and also contains MCQs to practice well. The book is useful for APSC and other various exams to know more about Assam History and its Art and culture.

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Assam History, Art and Culture By Shekhar Bhattacharjee and Published by Union Book Publication


History of Assam

1. Ancient Assam

• Introduction

• Pre-history

• Protohistoric Assam

• A brief Survey of the Sources

• Urban civilization in Assam

• Origin of the Name of Assam

• Traditional Rulers

• The Period from Fourth to Twelfth Centuries CE

• Religion in Ancient Assam

• Ancient dynasty and rulers name

• Timeline of Ancient Assam (350–1206)

2. Medieval history of Assam

• Introduction

• Khen dynasty

• Kamata kingdom

• Kachari Kingdom

• Chutiya kingdom • Ahom Rule in Assam

• Ekasarana Dharma of Srimanta Sankardev

• Ahom-Mughal conflicts

• Battle of Saraighat of 1671

• Moamoria Rebellion

• Koch dynasty

• Baro-Bhuyan

• Burmese invasion of Assam

• Treaty of Yandaboo

• Timeline of Medieval Assam (1206-1826)

3. Modern history of Assam

• Introduction

• British Rule and Its Consolidation

Bengal Presidency

• Chief Commissioner’s Province

• Eastern Bengal and Assam under Lt. Governor • Assam Legislative Council

• Freedom Movement, Political Awakening and Integration

• Post-colonial history: Assam after India’s independence from British rule

• Role of Freedom fighters from Assam in the independence movement

• List of Chief Commissioners,
Lieutenant-Governors and Governors

• Timeline of Modern Assam

Art and Culture of Assam

• Introduction

• People of Assam

• Religion

• Language

• Marriage

• Traditional Dress of Assam

• Folk Music

• Art, Paintings and Handicrafts

• Fair & Festivals

• Traditional Dance

• Cuisine

• Major Occupation in Assam

• Architecture, Sculpture of Assam

• Important Places & Historical Monuments

• State Symbols of Assam

• Assamese cinema

Assamese Literature

• Introduction

• History of Assamese Literature

• List of Assamese writers with their pen names

• Asom Sahitya Sabha

List of Sahitya Akademi Award winners

for Assamese

• First In Assamese Language/Literature

• Some Important Personalities

Total pages: 400

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